Hybrid LED Street Light System

Hybrid LED Lighting

Hyrbrid LED Streetlight

Hybrid LED Streetlighting

Hybrid LED Street Light for Smart Cities The Sun-In-One AC lighting system can be used for street or parking lot lighting. The addition of a photoelectric cell allows the light to only turn on at nighttime. The photo cell coupled with a programmable driver gives full lighting control. You can set different brightness levels for different times in the night. This hybrid lighting system comes in LED bulb sizes of 90 Watts for Street lights and 80 Watts for parking lot lights.

Motion Sensing Technology Our LED Streetlights are also available with motion sensing technology. Integrating motion sensing allows for more efficient power usage on highways and in parking lots. The motion sensor has the ability to sense both slow and fast motion and turns on lights accordingly. The motion sensing is also compatible with our programmable driver which allows for precision lighting for any application. Whether the motion sensor detects a man walking or a car going 80mph, the LED lights will illuminate to 100%

Sun-In-One Lighting System Includes:

  • LED Streetlight Head or Parking Lot Box Head
  • Photoelectric Cell
  • Programmable Driver for Timed Dimming
  • Hybrid Power Kit
    • Kit contains Wind Turbine, Solar Panel(s), Batteries, 31 ft Pole, Accessories
    • Each Kit is customized for area climate and may include additional cost
  • Optional Motion Sensing Technology

Bulb Options for Street Lighting Systems:

  • 90 Watts

Bulb Options for Parking Lot Lighting

  • 80 Watts

*All Bulb Wattage options are compatible with motion sensing and dimming functionality.

*Each Kit is customized for area climate and may have additional cost