Decentralized Video, Thermal, IR, and Multiple Lens Options

SkyEye™ 360º Video Surveillance Camera is an intelligent decentralized built-in camera that allows users to build cost effective systems with unlimited scalability (even terabytes) of automatic video recording onto an SD Card and Wireless Network using standard IT storage and networking devices. No central PC, DVRs or VMS is required.

  • Super-wide 360º Fisheye Lens standard on all SkyEye™
  • Numerous Zoom Lenses available: 7º to 180º
  • Thermal Lenses – generate automatic alarms defined on temperature limits
  • 6MP Moonlight Color / B&W Camera with Sharp Images
  • Twice the resolution of a full HDTV
  • License Plate Capture and Gun-Fired Software (available)
  • Secure Video Motion Analysis with Alarm Messaging (available)

Intelligent Imaging Optimization & Correction Inside The Camera

Images are optimized as well as image correction (de-warping) and resizing. This means highest quality Hemispheric Video Capture and streaming across local and mobile networks providing improved Bandwidth Management and Storage Minimization.

Software 100% Included

Built-in Advanced Functions: Video Management, Image Analysis, and VoIP Calling. Professional Video Management Software (VMS) without limitations are included for Windows, Mac and Linux.