Add Solar Power and Hybrid to LED lighting for Energy Savings

SkyEye™ LED Lighting Systems can be integrated with Sun-In-One Solar Power and Hybrid units for economic and environmental energy savings. They are available with most models and options. Solar panels consist of high efficiency poly-crystalline photovoltaic cells, made with quality silicon material for high module conversion efficiency, long term output stability, and reliability. The Hybrid unit can be used when you have sustained wind speeds averaging 8 mph and a fair amount of solar, which is necessary to balance the power output to insure that there is always power in the batteries for the camera.

Benefits of Solar Power and Hybrid

  • Ideal for remote areas or parking lots where cost to run power lines is expensive
  • Saves on electricity, no monthly utility bills
  • Immune to power failures or brown-outs
  • Solar and Hybrid packages are customized for geographic area
  • Hybrid wind turbine’s slim profile is attractive and produces max of 40 dB