The SkyEye™ VMS system is Free of Charge without any license fees

While other companies charge for their VMS, we include it with our system and all software updates are free via download and transform your surveillance camera into a future-proof investment. The VMS is an open source freely available software, and is integrated in all main third-party professional VMS on the market, including Genetec™. The cameras themselves execute video analysis & event detection internally, and manage their video ring buffer on a NAS or server by themselves. An SD card creates a more reliable system and needs fewer servers, fewer workstations and less network infrastructure than other brands, thus reducing power consumption. Encrypted recording by the camera itself guarantees data security and privacy.

Security Camera and VMS Featured Benefits

  • 6MP “Moonlight Sensor Technology” produces brilliant videos in difficult low-light conditions
  • Cameras have been optimized for remote applications and cloud-based technology
  • Live channel and recorded video are highly secured; encryption done inside the camera
  • “MxManagementCenter” (MxMC) is a drag & drop concept leading the VMS industry
  • MxMC handles hundreds of cameras and users, multiple monitors, and video walls
  • VMS System is 100% free and there are never any license fees

Customized Alarm Events for quick response to threats

SkyEye™ video solutions coupled with analytic software provide a security solution that is less dependent on constant monitoring by security personnel. Additionally, since location and type of alarm event are automatically determined and system reactions are tailored to each alarm, responses to events are quicker and more comprehensive.

Our software provides an unlimited number of customizable operator views that include listing alarm events. The fact that all video and related data are IP-based facilitates the rapid disbursement of event-related video clips and data to appropriate personnel including first responders. This ensures that any potential hazards to equipment, personnel, and the public are quickly addressed.