Intelligent Motion Sensing is Unique to SkyEye™, saves additional 25% energy


SkyEye™ Motion is an intelligent motion sensing control system that automatically activates the security camera and LED light as soon as vehicles or pedestrians are detected in the area. When there is no activity, the security camera can be set to not record. The LED lights are set to an optional minimal light level. The SkyEye™ Motion system can work as a complete stand-alone system to save energy and maintain safety – simply install and forget. SkyEye™ Motion can be connected via API to a complete control management system through a GPRS connection.

SkyEye™ Motion system provides security and light only when and where it is needed

  • Provides optimized energy savings without compromising safety
  • System detects objects moving from 1 mph to 120 mph
  • Instantaneously starts recording and illuminates LEDs to 100%
  • SkyEye™ Motion determines the direction pedestrian or vehicle is moving
  • Turns on next few cameras and lights or up to next 225 lights, creating a “light wave”
  • Camera and LEDs return to preset level after a few minutes unless motion continues
  • Preset level of light can be set from 0-50% saving an additional 25% or more electricity