Industries need more security

Industrial sites like factories, energy (oil and gas) production, mining, and warehouses can benefit greatly from the security provided by video surveillance pants. Every business or operation faces a wealth of security concerns, including perimeter security and trespassing. Increased terrorism threats and theft of raw materials have made the manufacturing, storing and shipping of important goods riskier and more expensive in recent years Godzilla 2014 download.

SkyEye™ can be equipped with a variety of auxiliary video cameras and options to provide the tools necessary to help add security to your operation 최종병기 활 다운로드.

SkyEye™ Benefits

  • Reduce theft
  • Protect employees and assets
  • Helps keep workers from violating safety protocols
  • Adds building security and ensures facility meets security standards
  • Deter trespassers from attempting to gain access to facility / restricted areas
  • Remote monitoring of facility from central VMS, smartphone, or tablet