Security is the primary function of SkyEye™

SkyEye™ LEDs strengthen security along your perimeter fence by deploying a camera system with superior lighting along the perimeter Retroarch android. They provide a 360° viewing field with zoom capabilities, which allows for panoramic shots of the perimeter as well as detailed views of the angles chosen 플리커 동영상 다운로드. All camera video feeds from the SkyEye™ are captured by the centralized server, saved, and archived for future viewing. Intelligent Motion Sensing on every SkyEye™ or LED Street Light triggers an event alarm for real-time or archived video viewing 유버전 성경 다운로드.

Active Deterrence

  • Intelligent Motion Sensing – triggers security camera to record, LEDs to brighten from preset 0-50% level to 100% instantaneously
  • Alarm Condition – if intrusion detected, camera will record and notify through email, text, alarm, etc
  • View alarm event from central location (VMS) or remotely from any smartphone, tablet, or wireless PDA
  • Speaker / Microphone – two-way communication through the SkyEye™ speaker and microphone
  • Communicate through speaker from an off-site location via the VMS, a smartphone, or PDA
  • Pre-recorded Message – loudly notify intruders through the speaker that they are trespassing and security is on the way
  • Infrared or Thermal Imaging Video – will detect activity in complete darkness at a long distance
  • Scalability and Upgradeability – any number of cameras can be added
  • Open architecture makes it possible to add new functions as they are developed
  • System is IP based and can be deployed wirelessly or hardwired
  • Connectivity choices depend upon distances, topography, security, and current infrastructure