Security is the primary function of SkyEye™

SkyEye™ LEDs strengthen security along your perimeter fence by deploying a camera system with superior lighting along the perimeter. They provide a 360° viewing field with zoom capabilities, which allows for panoramic shots of the perimeter as well as detailed views of the angles chosen. All camera video feeds from the SkyEye™ are captured by the centralized server, saved, and archived for future viewing. Intelligent Motion Sensing on every SkyEye™ or LED Street Light triggers an event alarm for real-time or archived video viewing.

Active Deterrence

  • Intelligent Motion Sensing – triggers security camera to record, LEDs to brighten from preset 0-50% level to 100% instantaneously
  • Alarm Condition – if intrusion detected, camera will record and notify through email, text, alarm, etc
  • View alarm event from central location (VMS) or remotely from any smartphone, tablet, or wireless PDA
  • Speaker / Microphone – two-way communication through the SkyEye™ speaker and microphone
  • Communicate through speaker from an off-site location via the VMS, a smartphone, or PDA
  • Pre-recorded Message – loudly notify intruders through the speaker that they are trespassing and security is on the way
  • Infrared or Thermal Imaging Video – will detect activity in complete darkness at a long distance
  • Scalability and Upgradeability – any number of cameras can be added
  • Open architecture makes it possible to add new functions as they are developed
  • System is IP based and can be deployed wirelessly or hardwired
  • Connectivity choices depend upon distances, topography, security, and current infrastructure